Taking the Guesswork Out of Extended Stay Lodging

Simpler, Streamlined Process

Lodging IQ serves companies with travelers on short-term work contracts, relocating over several weeks or having extended on-site plans. We make the reservations, pay the hotels and send one weekly, cost-coded bill covering stays across all hotels.

Applied Savings Expertise

LodgingIQ uses a blend of artificial intelligence, human know how and numerous external sources to identify and negotiate every stay.  We leverage the consolidated spend of all clients to generate not only the best rates, but the best value to our clients based on their specific booking needs.  The constant development and optimization of our technology is what allows our people to deliver a predictably high level of personal responsiveness to our travelers setting us apart from our competition.

A title of interest

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Discover Lodging IQ’s better way to deliver convenience, controls and cost savings for long-term business lodging.